Ahh I remember those days…the count down to the weekend!  My old friend ” Friday Night”, even writing his name makes me blush ;)!  I can close my eyes and memories of him come running back to me:

  • What new bar/restaurant will I try tonight?
  • Will I wear my skinny jeans and black stilettos OR my skinny jeans and my new hot pink stilettos…this decision alone had be consulting five friends to make that crucial decision.
  • Will I stay out to 3am OR call it an early night and come home at 1am so I can really sleep in on Saturday…what’s that, define “sleep-in”- EXACTLY!

You see my old friend “Friday Night” is no longer around.  No no, don’t be sad, we had a great run and made many MANY memories that I’m so glad I didn’t post all over cyberspace. My new friend “Friday Night” now looks a little like every other night of the week:

  • I’m exhausted by 4pm but somehow have to make it until 8pm when I religiously say the rosary so she will sleep at least 6 straight hours!
  • I’m wearing a spit up stained shirt because I have given up on the “I’m always going to look good no matter what” new mom fantasy!
  • I spend my nights rocking my little sweetheart to sleep instead of…well doing anything else!

As I sit here and cuddle with Cupcake my mind drifts to a time when I was dancing the night away… but you know what, I’m still dancing the night away but this time my dance partner is a 16 pound bundle of sweetness that will ALWAYS have the last dance!

My trendy spot to go on a Friday night these days is a place called home. Sweatpants and spit-up stained shirts are allowed and tonight’s special on tap is ice water with a lemon wedge..oh what the heck lets splurge tonight and make it a double..its Friday night after all!

Here’s hoping your Friday night was something you could Thank God about. I know mine was!

Cheers to You!