Keep Calm Mamas!


Breastfeeding is a choice…and it’s MY choice.

I took the “must attend” classes and read multiple books on the subject and afterwards thought come on now, how hard can it really be? Well, it’s like having a second FULL TIME job..yes the benefit package is second to none and I’m not resigning anytime soon but the requirements are pretty tough I have to say.  Here is a sample of the “job description”:

▪   drink excessive amounts of water (and here I was thinking the constant bathroom trips were over).

▪   eat more calories than you would care to (since your trying to see your feet again)  or else your milk supply will diminish. I  have tested this theory selfishly and yup it is true!

▪   live your life in 3-4 hour increments.. seriously?!? I think this chapter was omitted ON PURPOSE from every book I read!

I’m always thinking to myself “Where will I be in  3 hours from the last time I fed her?” If I’m out I try to strategically make sure I’m by a Nordstrom, who by the way wins the award for having the BEST Momma’s Milking Lounge around..ok, yes, it’s their bathroom  but it has comfy couches, clean changing tables and seems to be the hang out spot for other Breast Feeding Mamas!

If we are out and about and not near my good friend Nordies, I’m fishing out my “peak a boo tent”  as I like to call it since its officially the time in which she likes to make mama a flasher, and trying to find a spot to feed her that wont draw stares or make someone else feel uncomfortable.

As August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month and August 15th is PBD (Public Display of Breastfeeding Day), I have done even more reading on breastfeeding and it’s so sad that many new moms make the choice not to breastfeed out of shame. Yes, I know many moms choose not to do it for other reasons and that is a personal decision that I have no right to judge.  Many other moms simply cant for medical, supply issues and I can only imagine how hard that is as well.

As I read countless stories about people being offended by “witnessing” a breastfeeding session, I wonder if that person looking with disgust at the mom breastfeeding could put themselves in her shoes just for a moment or at least have some empathy/compassion.  If they could see a woman who slept for as little as 4 interrupted hours the night before, running on empty because she has only eaten..or perhaps hasn’t even eaten, and has been wearing the same sweatpants for 3 days because..need I even explain why, would they change their tone/approach? Well, that person was me many many days in the first couple of months..who am I kidding its still me some days and I’m so glad that no one ever approached me and asked me to stop “attending to the needs of my child” because I fear what “my hormones” may have said!

Listen, I’m not saying that I want to stand in the middle of a busy mall ,sit down and breastfeed Cupcake but if I need to feed her in a place that may be public I’m going to do so as discreetly as I possibly can with a squirmy almost 7 month old.

I’m simply feeding my child. Some prefer or can only feed via bottle and my food happens to come from me 🙂

The next time you see a mom breastfeeding, smile at her! That may be just the acknowledgment/encouragement she needs to keep going.  Better yet, just smile at moms in general..we need all the encouragement we can get 😉

So keep calm breastfeeding mamas ,in fact all mamas just keep calm!  AND if all else fails go to Nordstrom ,they accept every type of mama…just bring a full wallet;)

Now go give someone you know who is breastfeeding a BIG HUG 🙂