Your life it not more important than mine…

Just an ordinary day on my morning trip to Starbucks..

But let me back up a few hours before that trip..

4am: first, “Mama!” cry from the hallway followed by my rush to take her back to her bed before she wakes up her sister.


4:15am: repeat

4:20am: repeat

4:30am: repeat

5:00am: say, “WHATEVER!” and let her have her way, which entails her crawling into bed and somehow taking up the whole bed while she tosses and turns for the next 2 hours.

7:00am: ALARM

7:45:  CRA!!!.. forgot to hit snooze and get awoken with a foot in my face!

7:45-8:45: rush to get two kiddos ready, get showered, check my emails to make sure nothing urgent happened, take a look at my planner to figure out where I need to be, make coffee, make my shake, load the kids in the car..go back in for the book bag and lunch box I forgot.

9:10: drop child #1 at school with child #2 in hand.

9:15: drive to my little slice of heaven..STARBUCKS for coffee since I left the cup I made at home.

9:30: unload child #2, grab my purse and happily walk into Starbucks UNTIL..

A women races to the door in front of me and says,  “So sorry, but I’m in a rush to get to work.”

So, I let her cut in front of me and surprisingly, I felt sad instead of pissed off!

Sad that she judged me in my yoga pants and Momlife shirt for not having a life deemed important enough to value…

Sad that she assumed I had nowhere to be …

Sad that she had given no thought to how my morning might have been…

Sad that she felt that because she was dressed up in a business suit that her “job” was more important than mine…

When will we get it as women, as mothers?

It’s ALL hard, no matter if your rocking yoga pants or tailored business pants.

It’s ALL hard, no matter if your giving a presentation to 50 board members or trying to get your kiddos fed and down for nap time so that you can clean up, prep dinner and put a load of laundry in.

It’s ALL hard, PERIOD.

So to that woman who cut me in line at Starbucks, your life is not more important than mine.. just different and that’s perfectly OK with me!

IMG_0524 IMG_9508 IMG_9795

A Compassionate Request…

To My Daughters Future Mother-In-Law,

Yes I realize this letter may be a bit premature since my little girls are only almost 1 and 2.5 but what I have to say has been so heavy on my heart that it couldn’t wait.

To a fault I’m fiercely independent in the I can nurse one baby while I play a pretend tea party game while emailing a work client AND cook dinner. While some of my fellow “wonder women” moms out there are nodding because they are too like this, I have to admit that this level of “mommy can save the world and everyone in it” doesn’t make relationships easy..In fact it has caused issues in every single one that I have had including my marriage.

You see when you are this take charge people around you often think you don’t NEED or WANT help. When others manage to ask you if you need a hand types like me quickly say “I got it” while inside they are secretly hoping that the person asking would just do it because its hard for types like us to accept a helping hand.

My 2-year-old daughter is already exhibiting signs of this “ I don’t need anyone to help me” mantra. She wants to pick out her own outfits, can put on her own shoes and tells me when I don’t put her toys make in the “right place”.

As much as I want to raise daughters who can save the world I also want my daughters to know that the right man will NOT need her to run everything in their life.

When you get married the days of proving you can do it ALL are over in my opinion. The competition and race to create an “illusion” of always being perfect and accomplishing enough tasks in one day that most CEO’s don’t even complete in a month are OVER.

So what does this have to do with you, my daughter’s future Mother in Law??

Here is what I pray you do for her future husband, your son!

***Can you teach your son that some of the best wives are strong independent woman because when you are weak she will be strong enough for you and then some!

***Can you teach your son that his wife should never do the job of 10 people no matter if she works from home doing outside work or works from home raising your children? You should ALWAYS contribute when you are home and when you are not home you should ALWAYS ask her how you can make things easier for her!

***Can you teach your son that no matter how many times his wife may say she doesn’t need help that she really does. Strong women are afraid to look weak for many reasons and its your sons job to tell her that asking for helping isn’t showing weakness and that its his JOB to provide a strong foundation for her to lean on!

***Finally can you teach your son that independent women may tell you that they don’t need you but that is the furthest thing from the truth? They need you but just don’t always know how to say and show it!

I’m raising some fierce little ladies over here who although may be tough little bundles of dynamite with a smile are truly loving, sensitive and compassionate little girls who I know will become amazing women.

Our society is teaching us that men like this don’t exist.. so you can you do me a favor and raise your son to be THAT man. I promise to do my part to raise his future wife to be his partner, best friend and team mate who will never leave his side.

Oh and I’m KNOW with out a doubt that Daddy won’t let them go until he is CONFIDENT she has found “THAT” man. This is ONE subject we agree on;)


Your Future Son’s Mother-In Love


Two under two…The Warmup!

Well I did it! I survived the infamous dreaded stage of motherhood known as “two under two”. For those of you yet to enter this phase or for those of you still in it- I don’t have any wise words or a list of must do’s! What I can tell you is that I learned three great things about myself and the person who put me in this husband 😉

1. I may never sleep a full 8 hours again! When you have two under two there is ALWAYS some sort of milestone they are reaching at the most inconvenient time aka whenever you are trying to sleep. Somedays, Im not gonna lie, I wake up and immediately start daydreaming about bedtime. Solution- buy stronger coffee beans and grind them fresh daily- I can NOT risk the coffee not being strong enough. Weak coffee puts everyone who I encounter that day in danger;)

2. I NEVER sit down. I remember thinking I was busy with just Cupcake but oh if I could do it over I would take a nap EVERY SINGLE TIME she did. I mean I would proudly post Im napping at 12, 3 and then again at 5 with the hashtag #nappingainteasy. On the rare occasion that both of my girls nap at the same time- Im so shocked that I really don’t know what to do with myself. Most of the time I just stare at the monitor and the clock wondering how much time I have for ‘myself”. I don’t dare lay down because that sends off the silent alarm that is code for mama’s napping so lets get the party started.

3. Your marriage WILL be tested. Let me put it like this…in between the hours of 2am and 4:30 am exactly my husband is NOT my husband. He has looked at me as if the crying babies don’t belong to him and has even said Im too tired and rolled over and went back to sleep. If I kept a running log of all of the inappropriate things he has said to me during this time in the wee hours of the morning  our marriage would not make it. You see this is not my husbands finest hour (s) and he hates this part of parenthood. I had to learn that its ok to hate certain parts of being a mom or dad and that we have to work as a team. I have tried everything- kind words, bribery 😉 to get him to be nicer in the middle of the night but nothing has worked. So I just refer to his alter ego as” Mr. Meany” in the middle of the night and remind him to make sure my coffee is ready first thing in the morning!

Just when the fog had somewhat lifted and dare I say I have started to get 5 hours of straight “rest”.. I don’t use the word sleep anymore. Cupcake turned 2..

Well the joke was on me..that whole “two under two” stage was just the warm-up. Now folks the game has started. How did this game start you may ask? With her asking me the dreaded question out of the blue- “BUT WHY MOMMY?”

I was so shocked, I felt a slight bead of perspiration form, our eyes locked and she wouldn’t look away so I used the only tool I had and said…BECAUSE I SAID SO!

OMG people- Im so NOT ready for this!

This is it..I’m really a parent. No more just dressing her up in cute clothes with oversized bows. My precious baby girl now talks back.

Buckle up..its going to be a bumpy ride. Bring on the WINE and lots of it 😉


Why I ALWAYS wear mascara!

Wait..keep reading I PROMISE this is not a blog post about how important it is to look good for your husband after spending all day home with the kids. This is a post about doing something for YOU each morning, that takes maybe a minute, that can be the most important thing you do for yourself each day.

Answer this many of you go all day long without looking at yourself in the mirror? Not a glance as you are passing the refrigerated section in the grocery store but an intentional stop and stare at yourself in the mirror kind of look? For many ,if not most moms who spend all day at home with their little ones ,the answer may be never.

We spend all day looking at and after everyone else and making sure they are ok but who looks after YOU?

No matter what my day has in store I ALWAYS put on mascara. Why? Because it forces me to take a hard look at myself. Some mornings I look at myself and I see:

… a tired Mom who has been up all night with a 7 week old that wanted to eat every 2 hours and just stare at me in between.

…some mornings I see a warrior Mom who managed to get everything done on her to do list the day before.

…some mornings I see a optimistic Mom who woke up before her girls so she could drink a cup of HOT coffee  before her girls woke up and ..oh that bubble just burst because my 7 week old just had a diaper blow out that you could hear three states away!

But no matter what kind of Mother I see that morning the important thing is that I see ME!

In the time it takes to put on some mascara I can give myself a little pep talk and tell myself that I CAN do it and to not be so hard on myself if I get things wrong throughout the day. I can look at myself and say that I’m proud of you for putting your heart and sole into being the best mother you can be. And one of the most important things I can do is SMILE at myself- you would be amazed at how this can set the tone for your day. It feels a little funny at first just to smile at yourself in the mirror so just take a selfie if you need inspiration 😉 I take that smile with me as I go into Cupcakes room to wake her up with the wee one in tow (in the sling of course) and just for a moment feel like Supermom about to save the day!

And who knows the whole putting on mascara every day thing may turn into putting on eye liner, doing your hair and…well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One step at a time!

Sometimes all we need as Mothers is a little encouragement to keep going. Let that encouragement come from YOU every morning as you put your mascara on and tell yourself that you are an AWESOME MOM!

And if all else fails and your day turns into a mess at least you will look good and we all know that is half the battle 🙂


Make it a great day Mama’s!


Here I go again…

Call it mother’s intuition but I just knew I was pregnant this time! Even after the 1st, 2nd and yes 3rd NEGATIVE pregnancy tests I just knew. I calmed down, waited a few days, tested again and there it was the double line marking the beginning of another crazy, beautiful and LONG journey to meeting my new tiny human.

I remember how I felt the first time around…excited, nervous, scared, scared, SCARED..ok you get the point. But this time I felt another emotion I didn’t expect to fell…GUILT!

I felt guilty that being pregnant would hinder me from giving my little Cupcake all of the time and attention she would need.

I felt guilty that some days I would be too tired to play with her as much as I wanted too.

I felt guilty that she would not always be the center of attention.

I felt guilty that she would no longer be my ONLY…

I then felt guilty for feeling GUILTY so I just went and grabbed some ice cream 😉

I was always just fine with Adrianna being an only child but I wasn’t opposed to having another child..just not this soon.  I have spent too many hours stressing about how I will manage with a 15 month old and a newborn and just writing about it makes my head spin.

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has an opinion about how hard my life will now be. But you see they don’t know that this little woman has always juggled working 3-4 jobs at a time so hey how hard can two little ones be??…please don’t answer that question, let me live in my own little world that it will be a cake walk 😉

But you know what? This time around I’m not reading any books on how to prepare for this new chapter in my life- I’m going to write my own book so to speak.  Common sense tells me it will be tough in the beginning but so is anything new that you take on.  I don’t need an “expert” to tell me to ask for help or take naps when I can..if anyone tells me to go ahead and take a nap I’m going to jump in the nearest bed!

I haven’t chronicled every single milestone with this pregnancy and hell just tack that on to the list of things I feel guilty about too! I have been just trying my best not to miss a single moment that is going on in the present with my now 1-year-old baby girl:

I try to go to bed early so that I have energy to run around the house with her.

I get up early to take my Zofran so that I can hold down meals since I have been sick as a dog for the past 14 weeks :/

I hold her a little bit longer after she falls asleep at bedtime and just stare at her sweet little face.

I talk to her about her new baby sister and tell her she will soon have a best friend for life!

I’m 3 weeks away from the halfway point of my pregnancy and I’m still in shock that I will have another little girl to hold in my arms very soon.

I can happily say the guilt is subsiding and the excitement is kicking in. Cupcake will have a sister so close in age to her and that is something I ALWAYS wanted growing up.

This is something I have been telling myself to help me when I have those days of feeling overwhelmed by the thought of possibly loving another little girl as much as I love Cupcake.

“Cupcake wont have to share my heart, my heart will simply multiply to make room for her little sister”!

Guilt subsided for now…now off to snuggle with my little Cupcake 🙂


Check your Belly- PART 2- THE WORKOUT!

Hi Mama’s,

So I have given you plenty of time to “check your belly”!  If you are like me and have a wonderful new friend Diastasis Recti not to fear the TUPLER TECHNIQUE aka Mummy Tummy Fixer is here!

Fair warning..I just put away my Wonder Woman cape from Halloween so I may use a lot of super hero references in this post 😉

Lets just get right down to business because if you are like me you have AWESOME..FABULOUS plans for your Friday night.. My plans just might be lounging in my PJ’s, sipping some wine and watching Lifetime but right now that is my version of my Fabulous Friday Night!

***Before you start the program, take pictures of your belly from the front and the side. Your before photos will inspire you to continue doing the program- TRUST ME!

Healing your Diastasis Recti is all about using your Transverse Muscle correctly. Here are 3 things to keep in mind:

1. Gravity affects your ability to engage the transverse muscle; therefore, it is best to exercise in a seated or standing position.

2. Belly breathing puts the transverse muscle in the right starting position, 5th floor,  which I will explain below.

3.  In a back lying position when the shoulders come off the floor, it is impossible to bring the transverse to 5th floor and hold it there which is why sit-ups are a NO NO if you have diastasis.

4. A forward crossover movement will make the diastasis larger. Avoid activities such as tennis or golf until you are healed!

OK so what is this 5th floor thing??

  • Take a belly breath in (you should visibly see your stomach extend as you take in air)
  • As you exhale pull your belly button in as if you were trying to have your belly button reach your back.  NOTE: This is not the same as sucking in as many of us have been know to do to get that “perfect” picture.  When you “suck in” you are sticking your ribs out which you DONT want to do. You want to close your ribs and have your transverse muscles rest in their proper place!
  • This position in which you are pulled in is called- FIFTH FLOOR. Fall in love with this position because you will be here A LOT!


These are going to be the only 2 exercises you do for 2 weeks.  Try to refrain from weight training and running during this time. You really need to concentrate on healing and retraining your abdominal muscles before going all out with other forms of exercises. Again- TRUST ME!  I learned this the hard way!


  • With ribs in, bring belly to 5th floor and hold it there for 30 counts. Count out loud so you are breathing.
  • Do 10 little squeezes from 5th to 6th floor (so pull your belly button even further back towards your spine)
  • End with a belly breath. Expand belly to first floor (all the way out) and then bring belly to 5th floor on the exhale.
  • That’s 1 set!


  • Ribs are in and hands are resting on upper and lower belly to ensure backward movement.
  • Belly goes from the 3rd to 5th floor (instead of pulling your belly all the way back first like in the Elevator only pull back 1/3 of the way and then squeeze back to 5th floor).
  • Control the release only back to 3rd floor.
  • Make sure you count out loud so you are breathing.
  • 1 set = 100 squeezes going from 3rd to 5th floor!


WEEK 1:  5 sets of CONTRACTING  & 10 sets of ELEVATORS

WEEK 2: 5 sets of CONTRACTING (but start at 4th floor and squeeze to 5th..the goal is to not relax your muscles as much as you did in Week 1) & 10 sets of ELEVATORS


I know Mama’s it sounds like a lot but Im telling you IT WORKS! Once you learn how to do the exercises it becomes second nature. You can do these driving, cooking dinner and getting ready in the morning but dont try to be a multi-tasking Wonder Woman yet ;).  Focus on doing the exercises correctly and dont rush through them.  Break up your exercises by doing some in the morning, afternoon and night, put in on your to do list and make it a PRIORITY!


If you want to see Super Hero like results I really encourage you to order the Rehab Split. It is recommended that you wear this all the time even while sleeping until you heal. I will admit that I didn’t wear it while sleeping but wore it consistently for 3 weeks especially when doing the exercises.  Here is the link with a video to show you how to put it on!® (just copy and paste into your browser if the link doesn’t work)

So thats all you need to focus on for now!!

Back to your day you go to fight crime and save cities.. well really it’s off to dirty diapers, dirty dishes and dirty laundry for most of us but you get the point!

Good luck Super Mommies… lets get those bellies back to where they belong!

🙂 Cupcake’s Mommy

PS.. Picture of my belly taken last week 7 weeks after starting the program and the other picture is Cupcake or I should say “Super Cupcake” and I, “Wonder Woman” on Halloween 🙂

IMG_3485 IMG_3488 photo-2

Pretty Little Liars…

IMG_2381 Hey Mama’s! First things first, no, this is not a post about the show Pretty Little fact I have never seen the show. As they say, if the shoe fits… confused?? Let me explain… I have something to admit. I’m a liar! (get the title now 😉 ) There I said it! I know, I know, I have some explaining to do so here it goes… Every since I became a mommy I have gotten into this bad habit of telling little white lies. About what you ask? Well they all stem from what I’m actually doing when asked how my day is going. For some reason I feel like I always have to be doing something when asked.  For example, here is an excerpt of a recent conversation with the Hubs… “Hubs”- Hey hunni how is your day going? “Pretty Little Liar aka Me” – OMG I’m running around like crazy, just vacuumed, took the dog and baby for a walk, cooking dinner and answering emails!! “Hubs”- Silence Really what is he supposed to say to that??I’m sure he is glad he is nowhere near ANY house where all of that is going on. Well most days are REALLY like that for me. How I manage to work, coach, cook, clean and take care of Cupcake and Hubby on a daily basis is beyond me and I know I forget to do many things because of how insane my days get. Sadly some days, if I don’t have to leave the house, it’s the shower I forget :/ BUT SOME DAYS ARE NOT LIKE THAT AND I STILL SAY THEY ARE!

  • Why cant I admit that I actually sat in silence and did nothing on the rare day that she took an hour nap?
  • Why can’t I admit that I slept in until 9am because I use her for my alarm clock and she ACTUALLY slept ALL NIGHT LONG?
  • Why cant I admit that when I said I had to work late that I actually went and got a pedicure and enjoyed every last second of it!!?

The amount of pressure I put on myself to do it all is ridiculous. I mean I don’t see my hubby making excuses for needing to go to the gym or sleeping through her cries because he has selective hearing disorder 😉 He just does it and makes no excuses for it! 2 weeks ago, I did the unthinkable and took a bath IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! I can hear all of you gasp. How could she do that?? It wasn’t like the baths of old times when I would pour myself a glass of wine, play soft music and relax for how ever long I wanted to. This bath was much different:

  • A cup of coffee replaced my wine.
  • Baby toys surrounded me instead of scented candles.
  • I kept my eye on a baby monitor instead of turning the pages of US magazine.

But I achieved something that I don’t get too much of these days. ME TIME! When my hubby called me that day and asked how my day was I told him about my luxurious bath and his response was ” Good for you Hun!”.   See how simple his reply was! I can learn something from him. So Pretty Little Liar no more! The next time I’m running late because I can’t function without Starbucks or I’m late coming home because my nail chipped and I “had” to fix it or I sat in the car for a bit after coming home because my favorite song was on and I was relieving my college years, I’m just going to tell him or anyone who asks me exactly what I did! Even Wonder-woman, aka every mom I know, need breaks and we shouldn’t have to lie about needing one. Lets all take the oath to boldly declare, “Pretty Little Liar no more, I need a break and I’m going to take one!” Hope you took sometime for yourself today..Hell even if it was just to shower- THAT TOTALLY COUNTS 😉

Keep Calm Mamas!


Breastfeeding is a choice…and it’s MY choice.

I took the “must attend” classes and read multiple books on the subject and afterwards thought come on now, how hard can it really be? Well, it’s like having a second FULL TIME job..yes the benefit package is second to none and I’m not resigning anytime soon but the requirements are pretty tough I have to say.  Here is a sample of the “job description”:

▪   drink excessive amounts of water (and here I was thinking the constant bathroom trips were over).

▪   eat more calories than you would care to (since your trying to see your feet again)  or else your milk supply will diminish. I  have tested this theory selfishly and yup it is true!

▪   live your life in 3-4 hour increments.. seriously?!? I think this chapter was omitted ON PURPOSE from every book I read!

I’m always thinking to myself “Where will I be in  3 hours from the last time I fed her?” If I’m out I try to strategically make sure I’m by a Nordstrom, who by the way wins the award for having the BEST Momma’s Milking Lounge around..ok, yes, it’s their bathroom  but it has comfy couches, clean changing tables and seems to be the hang out spot for other Breast Feeding Mamas!

If we are out and about and not near my good friend Nordies, I’m fishing out my “peak a boo tent”  as I like to call it since its officially the time in which she likes to make mama a flasher, and trying to find a spot to feed her that wont draw stares or make someone else feel uncomfortable.

As August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month and August 15th is PBD (Public Display of Breastfeeding Day), I have done even more reading on breastfeeding and it’s so sad that many new moms make the choice not to breastfeed out of shame. Yes, I know many moms choose not to do it for other reasons and that is a personal decision that I have no right to judge.  Many other moms simply cant for medical, supply issues and I can only imagine how hard that is as well.

As I read countless stories about people being offended by “witnessing” a breastfeeding session, I wonder if that person looking with disgust at the mom breastfeeding could put themselves in her shoes just for a moment or at least have some empathy/compassion.  If they could see a woman who slept for as little as 4 interrupted hours the night before, running on empty because she has only eaten..or perhaps hasn’t even eaten, and has been wearing the same sweatpants for 3 days because..need I even explain why, would they change their tone/approach? Well, that person was me many many days in the first couple of months..who am I kidding its still me some days and I’m so glad that no one ever approached me and asked me to stop “attending to the needs of my child” because I fear what “my hormones” may have said!

Listen, I’m not saying that I want to stand in the middle of a busy mall ,sit down and breastfeed Cupcake but if I need to feed her in a place that may be public I’m going to do so as discreetly as I possibly can with a squirmy almost 7 month old.

I’m simply feeding my child. Some prefer or can only feed via bottle and my food happens to come from me 🙂

The next time you see a mom breastfeeding, smile at her! That may be just the acknowledgment/encouragement she needs to keep going.  Better yet, just smile at moms in general..we need all the encouragement we can get 😉

So keep calm breastfeeding mamas ,in fact all mamas just keep calm!  AND if all else fails go to Nordstrom ,they accept every type of mama…just bring a full wallet;)

Now go give someone you know who is breastfeeding a BIG HUG 🙂

Two hours!

Take that MOM!

Take that MOM!

Lets play guess what took two hours:

  • What’s that, “She napped for two hours?”- Nope not this time!
  • Someone else?.. “You got two hours of ME time?” Haha I see you are a comedian!
  • Well ladies and gentlemen the answer is…TWO STRAIGHT HOURS OF CRYING!

Ooo I can just hear it now, “Did you try (fill in the blank)? Yup take a look at what I tried…

  1. Singing her favorite song, “You are my Sunshine”, to which she CRIED.
  2. Negotiated/Bribed her.. If you stop now Mommy will wake YOU up at 4am for your favorite feeding!!!- Nah she didn’t take the bait!
  3. Deep lounges..BTW who is the maniac that determined this was a soothing technique??? And she continued to CRY while I developed a leg cramp!
  4. Vacuumed! Isnt white noise like this supposed to help? Well the house is now clean but you guessed it she cried on right through it!
  5. I then did the unthinkable..LET HER CRY WHILE I LEFT THE ROOM!  Parent Failure right?? Well regardless if it was or not she continued to wail and was now sobbing-  GO MOM!

I then repeated steps 1 through 5 and then added the most important step..I PRAYED! Was prayer going to stop her from crying..maybe, maybe not but what id did was center me so that I could remember the most important fact, she would eventually fall asleep!

I think babies have a sixth sense and can tell when you are freaking out because as soon as I calmed down she fell asleep. Now dont get too excited, it was a short nap but she woke up for me I was still revved up. So, I laced up my sneakers and fastened her in her princess mobile (AKA the BOB stroller..a separate post will come soon about that thing) and went for a jog. Cupcake clearly made out in this scenario as guess what she peacefully napped while I huffed and puffed!

Take a look at the picture, notice her tiny little butt is up in the air..I know she purposefully did that as her way of communicating how she felt by the whole” letting her cry for 2 hours deal!”

Lets just chalk it up to B.A.B. syndrome. In other words her just Being A Baby!

She is bound to have another episode like this one, it may be longer or shorter. Perhaps I will try these steps or come up with a separate list but I know one step I wont be omitting..PRAYER!

Hoping your little ones or big ones or whomever you had to deal with today, behaved better than my cupcake!

Sweet Dreams!

Got Mommy Thumb???

First of all,  yes, it is real and NOPE its not your hormones so that should make you feel a little bit better. Cant blame those pesky hormones for his one!

How I knew I had it…

I woke up one morning and literally could not move my left thumb without excruciating  pain! I immediately thought, did I hit it? bang it on something? or fall asleep on my hand, since lets be honest with a two month old (at the time) I would sleep anywhere and anytime I could!

Well that day I went to pick up Cupcake and couldnt even lift her..are you kidding me?? Thank God Grandma and Daddy were there or I might have called 911..ok Im exaggerating slightly but you get the picture.

What I did next:

Yup you guessed it, hello Google! Typed in “my thumb hurts after childbirth” and guess what came up? Mommy Thumb! So it does exist ( yes, go run and tell your hubby, significant other or just scream it out loud- I did!)

The medical name is De Quervain Syndrome, an inflammation of the tendons below the thumb down to the wrist.  So what causes this thing??

  • Older new mothers (not EVEN going there!)
  • Heavier children (not going there either!!)
  • Lifting your child, the car seat and all of their stuff AKA being a MOM!

So What Do You Do:

  1. Wear a wrist/thumb brace (ok did that and was still in pain).
  2. Cortisone shot (relief at last but I must warn you the shot hurts like HECK and the pain intensifies for about 2-3 days after the shot but then you get AMAZING relief!!!).  My relief lasted about 3 months and then I slowly felt the pain creep back up so back for round 2 I went!
  3. Surgery- I have been told that if it doesn’t go away surgery is the only option but I don’t want to go there either!

How is my Mommy Thumb Today:

Today I’m pain free, so off to lifting, tossing and playing with Cupcake I go until that pesky pain creeps back up again and then its off to Dr. Mommy Thumb I go ( at least I found another person that will look at yet another picture of my daughter- BONUS!!!).

I hope you never get Mommy Thumb, but if you do know that there is relief to be found OR better yet put your feet up, have a glass of wine and order people around! I should have taken my own advice!

Good Luck!Image