A Better Me!

Hi Mama’s!

I was having a rather introspective day today and did a lot of thinking about how becoming a parent completely changes your life. Everyone always tell you this when you announce your expecting but its one of those things you have to experience to really get. Parenthood steals your time, energy and money and sleep and me time and…well you get the point BUT what you gain from becoming a parent makes up for what you lose and then some.  My sweet cupcake this is what becoming your mommy has given/or taught me:

Patience: Ok, I will pick up your toy again even though this is the 10th time you have dangled it in front of me and dropped it on the floor!

Acceptance: You want to wake up at 1am tonight, 3am tomorrow night and then 1am AND 3 am the next night? Ok, I guess I have to accept that!

Responsibility: I’m responsible for all of your needs! You can’t do anything on your own. Even writing that makes my heart hurt. Before you my biggest responsibility was your fur sister but I could put her in a crate and leave her at home for hours. Not to worry I will take you everywhere that I can- you already know that!

Empathy:  Becoming your mommy has made me more empathetic.. perhaps as a result of all of the hormonal changes 😉 I tend to make more decisions from the heart now which makes me a happier person.

Nurturing: Holding, kissing and loving you has automatically made me your nurturer , but what was surprising to me was how much this nurturing quality has spread into all aspects of my life. Before I react I often find myself thinking that is someone’s son or daughter and hope those who teach you in the future have that same thought process!

Thankful: Cupcake, you are the most tremendous gift I have ever received. Having you has drawn me closer to God because I know he handpicked you out just for me. There is not one day that I take you for granted and I’m so very thankful I can call you my daughter!

Thank you Cupcake for making me a PARENT. I’m a much better person because of you!

Its so easy to focus on what your life used to be like before become a parent and I hope this helps you remember that the person you became by becoming a parent is a MUCH BETTER person!


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