Cracks in the Foundation




It is often said that happiness is fleeting. Well if you don’t have a solid foundation, it can be!

You see we have been dealing with drain flies for the past month. It started as one or two and over the weekend that number quickly became 1,000 or more. Those of you who personally know me, know that even typing the words “drain flies” makes me squirm. I’m petrified of bugs! We couldn’t figure out what was causing the flies and originally thought they were getting in from the back door. Well, after turning to Mr. Know it All aka GOOGLE, we learned that drain flies can be caused from a clogged drain.

Ok easy to fix, right? Sure we thought so too! We cleaned the drains and they kept coming and by kept coming I mean they were now coming out of our ventilation system and landing on our walls.  We then taped up the vents just to make sure and yup those mini wings of terror were flying out of the air ducts and sticking to the tape. 

Our next call was to a plumber. I thought he was going to snake the line, unclog it and back to normal we go, but oh no..he found a BIG OLE CRACK IN THE PIPE THAT RUNS UNDER OUR HOUSE. Yes I’m screaming because our house is old and it sits on one large concrete slab. So in order to fix the problem they had to dig two holes in our kitchen (see exhibit A- the nasty picture).

For the past week we have been without a kitchen and our house is a mess..a dust covered mess. We finally had to vacate the house and have been living in a hotel for the past 3 nights. We had to fumigate the house to get rid of the existing bugs and cross our fingers that this solves the problem. We had to go home to get more stuff to take back to continue our forced “stay-cation” and it was like entering a war zone. Dead bugs everywhere and a layer of dust on EVERYTHING!

There have been many times when I wanted to break down and blame someone, anyone! But you see I cant break down..there is a little person who needs me to keep my S*i!  together.  As I was packing up our belongings to move to the second hotel..yup you are really getting jealous of my “stay-cation” now aren’t you, I looked over at my daughter who was staring at me as I let out an audible loud sigh..ok REALLY LOUD sigh.  

As I looked at her my mood changed instantly. I smiled and she smiled with her large infectious smile that lights up her entire face.  She reminded me that my happiness can not be based on my surroundings because my little cupcake has remained happy though it all.  (see exhibit B-the happy picture)

I did everything I could to recreate her surroundings so that she would adjust well. I brought her favorite toys, her playpen, and made sure I had her favorite music on my computer but you know what she didnt need any of that stuff she just needs me to be HAPPY! 

This experience has taught me a lot about myself and if my foundation wasn’t solid I could have let this situation break me down. If I dwell on how much it will cost, the state of my house or its contents I will lose it. I had to make the choice to focus on what I do have and I have a lot!  We have a long way to go to repair our house but this did not crack my family’s foundation and it could have!

We all woke up in one big hotel bed this morning and thanked God for each other and our temporary home filled with laughter, love and NO BUGS…well there IS one big giant love bug here aka Cupcake but we will keep her 😉




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