190 days…

Happy 190 days to my Cupcake!! Ok before you think I have lost my mind or am going to have a party to celebrate this day, I’m being sarcastic, kinda;)

So here’s the deal…for 9 months, 39 weeks or 273 days I counted down to every pregnancy milestone. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Today marks the end of your 1st trimester..Hooray!! Time to say goodbye to that annoying morning sickness and hello to feeling your BEST EVER!  Are you kidding me? Who writes this stuff? If you weren’t feeling like this, don’t worry I wasn’t either, you were left feeling like something was wrong with you or rushed to call your OB (who was #1 on my speed dial even by this point)!
  • Or how about, Congratulations you have entered your 3rd trimester! Time to put your feet up and stockpile that sleep because, lets all chime in now, ” You will never sleep the same again”. Ok, yes that part is true but at that particular time when I was swollen, hungry but couldn’t eat because of my new friend chronic acid reflux and was so tired but couldn’t sleep due to the tiny human jumping bean inside my belly, the last thing I wanted to hear was  “sleep while you can”!
  • Now here’s one of my favorites.. Your (fill in the number of weeks) your baby now looks like a “name that fruit”. Again seriously!

As you may know, I love celebrating milestones so I was happily posting “Cupcakes now the size of a pumpkin” just as proudly as she had won the spelling bee but after she was born I just wanted to stop counting! Why? Well because it’s too damn exhausting especially for the Type A person that I am. Every time Baby Center sends me a reminder email that tells me “Congratulations your baby is now X number of weeks” a pain of anxiety rushes through me before I open it. I think to myself, what should she be doing now and if she hasn’t reached that milestone is something wrong with her! It got to be ridiculous! I started to create a spreadsheet titled ” Cupcakes Plan To Crawling” because she just should be crawling by now, right?…wait how many weeks is she again???

Everyone always says it goes by so fast but maybe its because as moms we are in perpetual count down mode. What if we just really approached the day with no expectations and just watched our little ones from eyes that weren’t expecting anything? As adults we rarely get the chance to “just be” but childhood is just for that.

I was out the other day at my second home, Buy Buy Baby, and another mom asked how old Cupcake was and I froze. I thought to myself, wait is she asking me because my daughter is doing something inappropriate for her age? I know, crazy right! Well I then answered, “she will be turning 7 months on the 21st” and I left her to fill in the gaps using her own expectations and I let go of mine.

My daughter will approach her milestones at her own pace whether I say to her “Yay, you are 28 weeks today” or “Cupcake, today marks the day you should be sleeping through the night” TIME OUT..NEVER say that to your child because they will secretly plot an all night party just to spite you.I have witnessed this with my own eyes!!

Its been said that the days are long but the years are short. Well perhaps if we moms stopped counting down to every little detail we could play a trick on time. Today, just celebrate today and write down the milestones that were created and not check off the ones that should have been reached.

So today Cupcake_____________, well lets just wait and see the day isn’t over yet!

PS. Cupcake is 25 seconds old in this picture…but who’s counting 😉


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